Sponsors In Family Based Immigration

Sponsors/Affidavit Of Support


A sponsor is often required in family based immigrant petitions to show that a family member coming to live in the United States will not be dependent on public benefits. The sponsor must also be the petitioner who is applying on behalf of his or her family member(s).

Who May Become A Sponsor

You might me wondering who can be a sponsor in family based visa cases. So, let’s cover the basic requirements of sponsor eligibility. To qualify as a sponsor one must be either a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (LPR). Second, he or she must be at least 18 years of age. Third, the sponsor must be domiciled in the United States. This usually means that a person lives and works in the United States. Finally, the sponsor must be financially able to support both his or her family and the immigrant(s) at an annual level equal to 125% of the poverty guideline amount. The government will accept tax returns and pay stubs as proof of annual income. In family based immigrant visa cases the sponsor must be the petitioner. It cannot be a corporation or organization. Sponsors who are also active-duty service members need only be at 100% of the poverty guideline.

Joint Sponsors

There are times when the petitioner does not meet the income requirement. However, this does not always prevent him or her from applying for an immigrant visa on behalf of a family member. A joint sponsor can be used to overcome the income requirement hurdle.

What this means is another person is willing to accept the financial responsibility jointly with the petitioner. The joint sponsor is subject to the same requirements discussed above with one exception. He or she is not required to be a visa petitioner.

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