L-1 Visa (Temporary)

Intracompany Transfer (L-1 Visa)

Managers and Executives (L-1A Visa)

An L-1A Visa is for those who will be working in a managerial or executive capacity once in the United States. This person is responsible for managing an organization or one of its subsidiaries.

To qualify for this type of Visa, the person must supervise and/or control the work of others within the organization. Along with this, those who are in the United States on an L-1A Visa typically have the authority to hire and fire other organization personnel.


While similar to an L-1A Visa, the L-1B is for transferees who will not work as an employee or executive. Instead, this is for people who have specialized knowledge in a particular field or industry.

Generally speaking, an L-1B employee will have knowledge or expertise of the company’s products and/or services. The knowledge must be special to the organization and unable to be filled by a current United States citizen.

L2 Visa

When somebody comes to the United States on an L-1 Visa, they may want to bring their spouse and children along with them. This is where an L2 Visa comes into play. With this type of Visa, the spouse of an L-1 employee can enter the United States without restriction. Along with this, children are allowed to accompany their parent(s) and are qualified to study upon arrival. Fill out the contact form if you have a question about intracompany transfers.